Welcome to St. Clement's!

Whether you are stopping by for a visit or looking to find a new church home, we welcome you. We thought you might appreciate a little information about St. Clement's:
  • St. Clement's is an Episcopal Church, part of the Diocese of New York, the Episcopal Church of the United States and the Anglican Communion.
  • We always welcome everyone to worship with our congregation.
  • We have a Eucharistic centered worship. Everyone, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey is invited to partake in the sharing of bread and wine (there is grape juice for those preferring it). If you do not wish wine and bread, you are invited to come forward for a blessing, which you may signify by crossing your arms in front of your chest instead of receiving the bread.
  • St. Clement's Sanctuary was converted into an Off-Broadway theater in 1962. On most Sundays we set up the altar upon the set of whatever show is currently performing.
  • We invite those attending to bring their companion animals - we love their presence!
  • All are invited to join in coffee and refreshments after the service in our Parish Hall, which is located below the Sanctuary.
  • Should you wish further information about St. Clement's, or are in need of spiritual conseling, you are encouraged to call 212-246-7277 and leave a message with the church office.

St. Clement's Mission Statement

The congregation of St. Clementís Episcopal Church, humbled by Godís unconditional love for each of us, strives in its worship and ministries to share that love with everyone.

Vision Statement

As members of the body of Christ in the community of St. Clementís Episcopal Church:
  • We celebrate Godís love for and delight in absolutely everyone;
  • We embrace the discipline and challenge within the call ďThere Will Be No Outcasts;Ē
  • We strive to stand with courage, live with integrity and work for justice;
  • We honor the Arts as manifestations of Godís glory;
  • We joyfully serve the spiritual and material needs of one another and the entire family of humankind within our neighborhood, city, nation and world.